May 2014


Palatine Chapter #206, R.A.M., had its April Stated Convocation last night.  We conducted a good bit of business.  Discussed the meetings and events for the remainder of the year.  Our Annual Convocation is on May 21st.  Our Installation will be on June 18th, along with our Annual Steak Fry.  We do not anticipate any work until the Fall of the year.  We honored our Past Presiding Officers last night, following a delicious dinner of left-over food.  We had:  roast beef, roast pork, mostaccioli, Italian beef sandwiches, potato wedges, green beans, lemon chicken, and cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.  Following the convocation we participated in the second round of the Keystone Quest.

Loyal L. Munn Chapter #96, R.A.M., has also been sharing its meeting nights with the Commandery.  Our next Convocation will be on May 7, 2014, where we will have our Annual Convocation and Election of Officers.  We do not anticipate degree work for the remainder of the spring, but who knows, a Petition may fall out of the sky.  Let's keep shaking those trees.  We honored our Past Presiding Officers last night.  Also, our Installation will be on June 18th, along with our Steak Fry.

Cryptic Council #46, C.M., has also been allocating its Assembly nights to the Commandery for their preparation for their Inspection in April.  We have several candidates available for the Council Degrees.  I believe we will be conferring these in April or May.  Stay tuned.  We honored our Past Presiding Officers last night.  Our Annual Assembly will be on June 4th.  That is also our fresh strawberries night, provided by the new Thrice Illustrious Master, which should be James N (the father) Newby.  I can hardly wait.  Wow, strawberries on the 4th and a Steak Fry on the 18th at our Installation.

Bethel Commandery conferred the Order of the Temple on April 2nd on John Riggs and Ken Stortz.  Then on April 9th we conferred it on Claude Ohanesian.  On April 12th we had our Annual Inspection and conferred the Order of the Temple on James Edgell and Alex Nawakowski.  It was a nice day.  The weather gave us a little concern as we were pelted with golf ball sized hail.  That is the largest I have ever seen.  We had many Grand Officers visiting us that day.  Good lunch and a good dinner.  We brought in a couple Master Gardeners for a presentation to the Ladies during the afternoon.  The high point of the day was that Bethel Commandery #36 had all the stations filled with Bethel Sir Knights.  That was one of our Commander's wishes from the beginning of the year, and he made sure it happened.  One of our Officers had to leave town for a funeral, so we were able to get Ron Fraser in to take Senior Warden.  It was nice to see Ron again.  That brings our total of Knightings to seven for the chivalric year.  I will try to get a couple photos in of these recent events.

We will have our Annual Conclave and Election of Officers on June 4th.

On March 22nd, Frank Del Giudice, Brad Baker, Ralph Palmer, and Russ Schlosser visited the Inspection of Evanston Commandery #58.  On March 29th, Lou Sands, Brad Baker, and Russ Schlosser visited St. Bernard Commandery #35 Annual Inspection in Chicago.  Drew Michyeta went to Clinton #66 for the Grand Commander's Commandery Inspection.

At our Inspection on the 12th, Sir Knight Paul Scheeler, from St. Bernard #35, made a presentation to Bethel #35, of an artifact over 100 years old that a Sir Knight from Bethel had crafted from watch parts made in the Elgin Nation Watch Factory.  It is framed and we will mount it on our wall in Palatine.  Thanks, Paul.

Bethel Commandery had its Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner on March 19th.  It worked out well and we made a little money for the Knights Templar Home at Paxton, IL.  We will have to advertise it a little better in the future.  We had some good leftovers for the next meeting, corned beef hash.

Bethel Commandery honored its Past Presiding Officers last night, after the dinner and during the meeting.

The Grand Lodge is performing a Cornerstone Laying Ceremony at the Illinois Masonic Medical Center on Saturday, May 3, 2014.  We are asked to help with a Commandery Honor Guard.

On May 10, 2014, The Glenview York Rite Bodies are conferring all the York Rite Degrees and Orders.  Several other Y R Bodies, including us, are helping Glenview with this event.

On a happy note, our good friend Lillian Fraser, mother of Sir Knight Ron Fraser, and widow of Sir Knight Jack Fraser, will turn 101 years old on April 22, 2014.  If you want to send her a card, the address is:  2003 Cherokee Rd. Carpentersville, IL  60110.

As a result of Ralph Palmer's idea, we have been sending Birthday Cards to the residents of the Illinois Knights Templar Home at Paxton, IL, this past year.  We are continuing each month.  Thank you, Ralph.  We also sent Christmas Cards to all the residents in December, also at Ralph's suggestion.

In conjunction with our end-of-year events, Annual Meetings, etc, if we have more candidate Petitions, we may confer Chapter Degrees to get a running start on next fall.  No sense dragging our feet.

Bethel Commandery has come out with another belt
buckle for sale for benefit of the Knights Templar Eye
Foundation, Inc.  This one is a Royal Arch
Chapter buckle, with the triple tau, and with the
infamous words "Holiness to the Lord"
emblazoned thereon.  This buckle has been commissioned
in honor of Brother, Companion,
and Sir Knight David P. Miller, Past Grand High Priest
and member of the Palatine
York Rite.  It will sell for $50, just as the Knights
 buckle did last year.  We also we able to
obtain a few more Knights Templar buckles since we
had more orders than we could fill.  Let me know if
you are interested.

Our loyal Companion and Sir Knight Jim Newby has volunteered to coordinate the degree work going forward.  Thank you, Jim. He will also work with the Officers of the four respective bodies.  The following is what we have printed for some time.  "As a reminder, at our planning meeting on April 4,
2007, we tentatively decided to appoint one member as
a "Degree Czar" for each of the Palatine York Rite
Bodies.  That would be four individuals.  The thought
was that the number two man in each body would fill
that need.  We need to get more people trained in our
Degree Ritual so we have a backup for each part. 
Right now, if certain people are out of town, we are
stuck.  This will also get some of our newer members
actively involved in the affairs of our four York Rite
Bodies.  This will also get the number two man in each
group more prepared for his year as Presiding Officer.
Planning and Preparation.

The York Rite offers many opportunities for us to
serve our fellow man and our communities.  Each of the
Bodies has a charity or several charities that we
support.  Membership in our York Rite Bodies allows us
to fulfill our Obligations and Vows to help those who
are less fortunate.  Let us keep this in our minds as
we go about our daily endeavors.  There is a cloud
surrounding us, that has been built up over the
centuries, that we are a secret organization.  Now is
the time to let those on the outside know who we are. 
We should not keep our lamps under the bushel, but
should let our Light so shine before men, that they
may see our good works, and glorify our Father, which
is in Heaven.

Palatine Chapter currently has 176 members.  L L Munn has about 75 members.  Bethel
Commandery now has 206 members.  Of these, 94 are life
members and 13 are 50-year members and are exempt from

As a reminder, the new Palatine Masonic Temple is all on one floor and at
ground level.  Therefore it is wheelchair accessible.  No ramp or chairlift

Our backlog of work is:  Palatine Chapter #206-0;
Loyal L. Munn Chapter #96-0; Cryptic Council #46-3;
Bethel Commandery #36-0.  Let's get those Petitions

Sickness and distress:

The mother-in-law of our High Priest, Mark Nokes, passed away this past week.  We extend our sympathies to Mark and his wife Lisa.

Our good friend, Companion, and Sir Knight Michael Serapin, of Mizpah Commandery #53, died unexpectedly on April 5th, from a heart attack.  Three Sir Knights from Bethel Commandery attended the funeral service and all three of us were pall bearers.  Andrew Michyeta, Ralph Palmer, and myself Brad Baker.

On the same day, J. Larry Martin, of Aurora Commandery #22, died.  He had been ill for a while.  Many of us attended his masonic service in Somanauk, IL.  It was packed.

Recently James Potter, of Austin Commandery #84, passed away.  he had been declining for a while.  His service will be on April 23rd at the Glenview Masonic Temple.

This past week also, Clarence Casson died.  He had been very active in the Chicago area for many years.  He used to be the Editor of the Grand Lodge magazine.  He was also very active in the Masonic Secretaries Assn.

Whew!  That's enough!


1.  5-3-14  Cornerstone Laying by the Grand Lodge at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.  Commandery Honor Guard.
2.  5-7-14  L L Munn, Cryptic, and Bethel meetings.  L L Munn #96 Annual Convocation.  Dinner at 6:30.  L L Munn #96 Opens.
3.  5-10-14  York Rite Degrees at Glenview.  All Degrees and Orders.
4.  5-21-14  Palatine and Bethel meetings.  Palatine #206 Annual Convocation.  Possible Degree work.  Dinner at 6:30.  Bethel #36 Opens.
5.  6-4-14  L L Munn, Cryptic, and Bethel meetings.  Bethel #36 and Cryptic #46 Annual Meetings.  Possible Degree work.  Fresh Strawberries.  Dinner at 6:30.  Cryptic #46 Opens.
6.  6-18-14  Palatine and Bethel meetings.  Annual Steak Fry at 6:30 and Installation of Officers to follow.  Palatine #206 Opens.
7.  7-19-14  Grand Council Annual Assembly in Bloomington.
8.  7-25/26-14  Grand Chapter and Grand Commandery Annual Sessions at Normal, IL.


Bradley L. Baker, PHP, TIPM, PC, Correspondent