October, 2012


Palatine Chapter #206 will have had its first Convocation for the Fall tonight, September 19, 2012, as I am writing this article.  I expect we will discuss upcoming Degrees, Candidates, etc.  We have the new package for the Keystone Quest.  We have a couple months to get it done.  It always a fun fifteen minutes.  We always enjoy a dinner prior to the meetings.  Lots of good fellowship.  The 4th and 5th Degrees are being conferred at Cary next Monday, the 24th of September.  I expect some of us will be there.

Loyal L. Munn Chapter #96 had its first Convocation of the Fall on September 5, 2012.  We discussed upcoming work in general for the York Rite.  We have the Keystone Quest material for this fall's competition.  We have a couple months to get it in.  It is a fun event.  Most of the meeting was dedicated to a practice for the Commandery, who's Inspection is coming up on October 20th.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner prior to the meeting.
Cryptic Council #46 had its first Assembly of the Fall on September 5, 2012.  We discussed upcoming York Rite work and events.  Most of the evening was allocated to the Commandery for practice for their upcoming Inspection on October 20th.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner prior to the meeting.  We should be getting into our Cryptic Degrees later this Fall.

Bethel Commandery had its first Conclave of the Fall on September 5, 2012.  We used the evening as a practice for our upcoming Annual Inspection, which is October 20, 2012.  As usual, we have some work to do to get ready.  However, it is good to get it out of the way early in the year.  That date happens to be the exact date of our Anniversary of the Charter of Bethel Commandery, which was October 20, 1870, in Elgin, IL.  This will be our 142nd Anniversary.  Wow!  We have also had several extra practices on off-nights as well as weekends.  This will continue for the next four weeks.  We alway enjoy a dinner prior to our Conclaves.  That is good food and good fellowship.

Next year our Grand Sessions will be in Bloomington, IL.  The other change will be that the Grand Chapter and Grand Commandery are meeting together.  The Grand Council is meeting separately on a different date.

We have been informed that our Annual Inspection is October 20, 2012.  That happens to be the 142nd Anniversary of our Charter.  We were Chartered on October 20, 1870, in Elgin, IL.  I believe the assignment of that date is merely a coincidence.  However, we will be happy to proudly celebrate it.  With that in mind, we have to make sure we are ready, with a candidate and with our Officers' proficiency.

Four Sir Knights from Bethel Commandery are participating in the Drill Competition as a part of the Austin #84 Drill Corps at the Grand Encampment Triennial Conclave in August in Alexandria, VA.  They are Andrew Michyeta, III, Russell Schlosser, Ralph Palmer, and Bradley Baker.  as a follow up.  We went to Alexandria and competed in the Drill Competition.  We had a great time.  Did pretty well in our routine.  We did not win, but came in 10th place.  We learned a lot for the next time.  The 2015 Triennial will be in Buffalo, NY, in August.  We all hope to be a part of that, and with a larger Drill Team, and possibly several Drill Teams from Illinois.

As a heads up, we will be going to the Illinois Knights Templar Home in October to sponsor the October Banquet.  Our date is Tuesday, October 23,  2012.  If you have a day to kill, it is well worth the trip to visit the only Knights Templar Home in the world.  Our own Sirs Knights Russell Schlosser and Andrew Michyeta are on the Board of Directors of the Home this year. 

One additional note.  Our good friend, Companion and Sir Knight James W. Patton, has been Elected and Installed as the Chancellor General of the York Rite Sovereign College of North America.  This happened at the Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, the first weekend of August.  Jim will spend six years in that Line.  Congratulations, Jim!

I have added some upcoming dates that are obvious, however, we will be letting the Presiding Officers of the four Palatine bodies set the schedule for the rest of the year.  It is really their job and they will feel more as owners of the schedule if they actually do it.

Bethel Commandery has come out with another belt
buckle for sale for benefit of the Knights Templar Eye
Foundation, Inc.  This one is a Royal Arch
Chapter buckle, with the triple tau, and with the
infamous words "Holiness to the Lord"
emblazoned thereon.  This buckle has been commissioned
in honor of Brother, Companion,
and Sir Knight David P. Miller, Past Grand High Priest
and member of the Palatine
York Rite.  It will sell for $50, just as the Knights
 buckle did last year.  We also we able to
obtain a few more Knights Templar buckles since we
had more orders than we could fill.  Let me know if
you are interested.

Our loyal Companion and Sir Knight Jim Newby has volunteered to coordinate the degree work going forward.  Thank you, Jim. He will also work with the Officers of the four respective bodies.  The following is what we have printed for some time.  "As a reminder, at our planning meeting on April 4,
2007, we tentatively decided to appoint one member as
a "Degree Czar" for each of the Palatine York Rite
Bodies.  That would be four individuals.  The thought
was that the number two man in each body would fill
that need.  We need to get more people trained in our
Degree Ritual so we have a backup for each part. 
Right now, if certain people are out of town, we are
stuck.  This will also get some of our newer members
actively involved in the affairs of our four York Rite
Bodies.  This will also get the number two man in each
group more prepared for his year as Presiding Officer.
Planning and Preparation.  That is it!  This all
sounds good on paper, but we really have to make this
work.  Ahem!  We really have to work on this.  Yours
truly is getting tired."

The York Rite offers many opportunities for us to
serve our fellow man and our communities.  Each of the
Bodies has a charity or several charities that we
support.  Membership in our York Rite Bodies allows us
to fulfill our Obligations and Vows to help those who
are less fortunate.  Let us keep this in our minds as
we go about our daily endeavors.  There is a cloud
surrounding us, that has been built up over the
centuries, that we are a secret organization.  Now is
the time to let those on the outside know who we are. 
We should not keep our lamps under the bushel, but
should let our Light so shine before men, that they
may see our good works, and glorify our Father, which
is in Heaven.

Palatine Chapter currently has 173 members.  Bethel
Commandery now has 197 members.  Of these, 94 are life
members and 13 are 50-year members and are exempt from

As a reminder, the new Palatine Masonic Temple is all on one floor and at
ground level.  Therefore it is wheelchair accessible.  No ramp or chairlift

Our backlog of work is:  Palatine Chapter #206-1;
Loyal L. Munn Chapter #96-0; Cryptic Council #46-3;
Bethel Commandery #36-3.  Let's get those Petitions

Sickness and distress:  None Reported.


1.  10-3-12  Meetings of L L Munn #96, Cryptic #46, and Bethel #36.  Dinner at 6:30 PM.
2.  10-5/6-12  Grand Lodge of Illinois.
3.  10-13-12  6th and 7th Degrees at DeKalb.
4.  10-14-12  Grand Commandery Reception, Lombard, IL.
5.  10-17-12  Meetings of Palatine #206 and Bethel #36.  Dinner at 6:30 PM.
6.  10-20-12  Bethel Commandery #36 Inspection.
7.  10-23-12   October Banquet at the Paxton Home.
8.  10-27-12  Trinity Commandery #80 Inspection.
9.  11-7-12  Meetings of L L Munn #96, Cryptic #46, and Bethel #36.  Dinner at 6:30 PM.
10.  11-8/11-12  Sciots Supreme Session, Addison, IL.
11.  11-10-12  Austin Commandery #84 Inspection.
12.  11-17 12  Ivanhoe Commandery #33 Inspection.
13.  11-21-12  Meetings of Palatine #206 and Bethel #36.  Dinner at 6:30 PM.
14.  11-22-12  Thanksgiving
15.  12-5-12  Meetings of L L Munn #96, Cryptic #46, and Bethel #36.  Dinner at 6:30 PM.
16.  12-19-12  Meetings of Palatine #206 and Bethel #36.  Christmas Libations.  Dinner at 6:30 PM.
17.  4-7-13  Grand Chapter Reception, Bloomington, IL.
18.  4-13-13  Apollo Commandery #1 Inspection.


Bradley L. Baker, PHP, TIPM, PC, Correspondent